Shades & Blinds

Blinds are considered “hard” window coverings composed of slats or vanes that are raised and lowered to cover the window. The slats or vanes can be adjusted with a wand or cord to adjust the openness. Wood, Faux-Wood, Woven Wood, Metal, and Vertical are the most popular forms of blinds. Blinds are available in many styles to complement the home’s overall décor.  After choosing some styles, consider how well they block light; not all blinds provide complete blockage, which may be a privacy or security concern for some buyers.

Shades are considered “soft” window coverings made from fabric and can provide privacy and light control. Roller, Solar (Screen), Roman, Cellular are different forms of shades. Shades add great visual appeal to any room, they can be purchased with different colors, patterns, and even textures to complement and accentuate the décor of any room.